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Getting started with 6D Hair Extensions may seem intimidating, but with Tosia's expert guidance you'll be a BecomeHER 6D Hair Extension guru faster than you could have ever expected. This course is not required but it is recommended. Learn all the skills and confidence needed to tackle the most daunting situations with ease. You can do this online all from the comfort of your own home. 

Follow your dreams! The path to becoming an expert 6D Hair Extension Pro sets you light years ahead of the rest. If you put your mind to it, you'll have no problem becoming one of the best in the industry. Our 6D Hairstylist make as much as $5,000 dollars per day! What are you waiting for? Become one of us!


6D Silver Certification Course

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We limit our course to 100 people per class. This ensures us the ability to keep up with each of your concerns. Sign up in advance with package 1 to get your kit mailed to you right away. You will not be mailed a kit if you choose package 2 but you will share the same wholesale access and certification as package 1 stylist upon completion. 

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6D Hair Extensions Silver Certification Course


Lets go over whats included in this KIT:

  • ONE 6D HAIR EXTENSION INSTALL MACHINE- This course will give you detailed instructions on how to you use this fascinating time saving tool.

  • ONE 6D REMOVAL TOOL. This tool makes it easy to safely remove the 6d hair extension strands

  • 200 GRAMS  OF 6D PRACTICE HAIR. The 200 grams of hair are divided into 20 hand tied cartridges. Each cartridge holds a total of 5 grams of hair divided into ten zero point five gram strands. The small strands are what creates a virtually undetected hair extension install. The practice hair in your kit is 100% human remy standard single drawn hair and can be used in the following matter:

    •  to  practice on a live client

    •  color process 

    • curl

    • shampoo

    •  blow dry 

    • thermal straightening

  • One 6D Certificate of Completion

    Upon completion

  • Access to top of the line euro standard wholesale hair and products. 

  • Support

  • Ability to apply for the  becomeHER Pro trainer certification 

Our curriculum covers critical knowledge including:

  • Placement

  • Color matching

  • Returns

  • Proper maintenance

  • FAQs:

  • Dreading

  • Allergic reactions

  • Qualifying a client

  • Ordering process

  • Traveling with 6d extensions

  • MRI and head surgery 

  • 2k a day program

  • Cutting and blending and so much more

BecomeHER provides the tools needed for an extremely lucrative outcome. Tools however are not enough to ensure a successful business. BecomeHER Pro Tosia Chayil will guide you through extensive and detailed online training. You will have access to superior single, double and triple drawn 6d hair.  Access to BecomeHER Pro support. This carefully designed curriculum was created and designed to give you the utmost confidence needed to make your dreams become a reality. Sign up below to receive your kit and gain access to our superior 6D certification program. Discover your inner celebrity and Dare to becomeHER!

6D Curriculum



6D Consultation


6D Installation


6D Troubleshooting

About Your Instructor

Tosia Chayil

Tosia Chayil

BecomeHer Pro Hair Extension Guru

Tosia's interest and skills made Her the perfect candidate for Cosmetology School when she entered as a teenager. The thirst for knowledge made her an outstanding student that would eventually lead to significant contributions in the industry. Tosia’s passion is in the restoration of confidence in women through cosmetic enhancement.

She has truly changed the lives of many by mastering over thirty hair extension techniques. Her exemplary work has been recognized and acknowledged by many leaders in the hair care industry. Here are a few of her accomplishments:

  • Featured in the prestigious Milady’s International Textbook of Cosmetology
  • Work Featured in Oxygen and People magazine
  • Developed product line
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Stylist to many prestigious clients around the world
  • Master in over 48 hair Extension install technique
  • International Hair Extension/Trichology Trainer

Tosia is truly committed and dedicated to producing the best results in hair extensions. Her mission is to Empower, Invest in You and Build Self-Confidence which allows every woman to discover their inner celebrity.

“Discover your inner celebrity and dare to become HER”



Properly Use and Maintain the 6D Machine

Determine Which Clients Qualify for the 6D technique

Installation of 6D Hair Extensions

Making 6D Hair

Re-use 6D Hair Extensions in 3 different ways

Emergency Trouble Shooting


$599.00 Course Alone: Regular $999.00 Buy $599.00
$749.00 Course and Kit: Regular $1799.00 Silver certification Course, 6D Machine, 6D Removal tool, 200 Gr of 6D Hair, Certificate upon completion. Buy Now

Package 1

This Package includes: One becomeHER Pro 6D training kit (kit includes: One 6d Install Machine, One 6D Removal Tool, 200 Grams of our standard 6D Hair Extensions (enough hair for 1 to 2 installs) access to this becomeHER Pro 6D Silver Certification Course, one becomeHER Pro Silver Certificate of completion) for $749.00.

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Package 2:

This Package Includes: Access to this becomeHER Pro 6D Certification Course for $599.00. This package does NOT include a becomeHER Pro 6D Kit

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